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Christian strongly believes in the adage "do what you love for work and it no longer becomes work" which resonated with him strongly, so he turned to what gave him the most enjoyment, helping people.  After many years of running his own businesses Christian needed a change of direction, and a new career path, so he chose to become a Myotherapt. 

Myotherapist's use an evidence based approach, that looks at the relationship between the musculoskeletal structure and the way it functions.  A complete heath history will be taken and he will assess your functional movement ability.  It also takes into consideration the posture, any injuries past or present and lifestyle environmental factors.  So, when you visit a for a sore lower back for example, Christian may also look at other areas of your body, such as your abdomen, pelvis, legs, ankles and feet. 


A treatment plan will be formulated and techniques such as massage and a wide range of other evidence-based treatment approaches and skill-sets may be used throughout your treatment.  This may include modalities such as cupping, dry needling, joint mobilisation and myofascial release techniques.


Christian is a strong believer in rehabilitation, so you may also be prescribed an exercise/stretching program and/or education about pain management, load management, activity modification and/or lifestyle modification.