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John is a highly skilled and talented structural osteopath who aims to get the best pain-free movement and optimum function for all his patients.  John prefers to work with patients over several treatments to ensure that improvements are long lasting and that injury or restriction is unlikely to re-occur.

John has a passion for osteopathy. John is now in his 70's and still has immense joy and enthusiasm for his work as an Osteopath.  John has treated many patients from all walks of life with outstanding success. He is always striving to produce the best results with the best tools.


Alongside his osteopathic techniques he incorporates deep tissue massage, radial pressure wave treatment, gua sha (spooning) and has a special interest in injury rehabilitation.  With almost 40 years of consultation experience in Osteopathy & Traditional Chinese Medicine John has been a trailblazer in his field.

John is currently semi-retired therefore his patients are being distributed to the other Osteopaths and Myotherapist, Christian Trebley who was trained by John.