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Friday, 5th August 2022


Course outline:

  • IVM introduction Sutherlands 5 Phenomena.

  • Fascial listening posts, practical, heels, knees, pelvis, thorax.

  • Sacral motion flexion/extension, common strain patterns, torsion, compression, assessment treatment using balanced membranous technique. Bilateral and unilateral Sacrum Ilia release, sync pelvic thoracic diaphragms.

  • Vault, Parietal, Frontal motion via axis of motion, orientated from midline to lateral, flexion extension, Balanced membranous release based on disengagement or flexion/extension asymmetry, moulding technique and metopic decompression.

  • Temporal motion - flexion/extension axis of motion via focus on squama and mastoid portion, orientation along petrous portion. Ear tug, balanced membranous release temporal external/internal rotation asymmetry, occiput temporal balanced membranous release.

  • Cranial Base, Occiput, Sphenoid palpation flexion/extension expression.

  • Get an understanding of sacrum, vault and base bones.

DATE: Friday, 5th August 2022


TIME: 9.30am – 4pm - arrive at 9am for course registration.


VENUE: Inspire Health Albury, 657 David St, Albury NSW 2640.



1 Day Course - Intro to Cranial Osteopathy: $350 + GST

3 Day Course Bundle: Cranial + Paediatrics: $900 + GST (SAVE $165)


* Fully catered, please inform of dietary requirements via email

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Saturday, 6th & Sunday, 7th August 2022


Osteopaths, whether new to paediatrics or qualified in the field, can struggle with assessment and treatment of a paediatric infant. Formal paediatric training can highlight medical assessment, terminology and methodology; however, the osteopathic practitioner can be left overwhelmed on how to apply this information and knowledge within their clinical setting.

This is a pragmatic course which breaks down the fundamentals of paediatrics for the infant in the osteopathic field. It gives you a structural framework for common paediatric conditions that present to osteopaths, an understanding of how these conditions are managed medically, and it highlights the role that we have as osteopaths in the management of the paediatric infant.


This course will help you:

  • Understand common paediatric conditions presenting in the osteopathic practice and terminology that is commonly used.

  • Be able to effectively differentially diagnose your paediatric infant through signs, symptoms and red flags to ensure you know when to refer to medical professionals.

  • Learn practical osteopathic techniques for assisting infants in your practice and develop basic patient handling skills to use on the paediatric infant.

  • Be able to educate parents and carers in a way that they understand, through breaking down the jargon and using words that mean something to them helping you build greater rapport in your patient-practitioner relationship.

  • Learn how to integrate with a team of medical and health professionals to ensure that your paediatric infant is receiving the best outcomes for their care.



Saturday, 6th August 

9.30am - 4pm, Arrive 9am for registration

  • Introduction to Osteopathy in the Paediatric Field.

  • An Osteopathic Approach to Functional Gastrointestinal Dysfunction (FGIDS).

  • Withdrawal, Birth, First breath and transition to Moro.

  • An Osteopathic Approach to Reflux + The Unsettled Baby.

  • Osteopathic Practical Techniques for Paediatrics.



Sunday, 7th August 2022

9.30am - 3pm, Arrive 9.15am for registration

  • An Osteopathic Approach to Feed + Latch + Tongue Tie.

  • An osteopathic approach to Plagiocephaly + Head Favouring.

  • Osteopathic Practical Techniques for Paediatrics.

DATE: Saturday, 6th & Sunday, 7th August 2022

VENUE: Inspire Health Albury, 657 David St, Albury NSW 2640.



2 Day Course - Paediatric Osteopathy 101: $700 + GST

3 Day Course Bundle: Cranial + Paediatrics: $900 + GST (SAVE $165)



* Fully catered, please inform of dietary requirements via email

Osteopath, Jamie Taylor
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Osteopath - Jamie Taylor - Born in Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand. Jamie trained at the European School of Osteopathy, (ESO) in Maidstone, England, 1990-1994.In 1997 Jamie began assisting on the undergraduate Osteopathic technique classes at the ESO and clinical supervision in the undergraduate Children's Clinic where he stayed until he moved back to NZ in 2005 after completing his MSc in Osteopathy. Jamie's practice is focused primarily on babies and pre/post pregnancy however he treats all age and a wide variety of complaints. Jamie has great skill in assisting and teaching students in the techniques of cranial osteopathy.