Osteopaths are allied health professionals that offer patient-centred approaches to healthcare and functional improvement which recognise the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as a holistic unit.
Osteopaths use a range of approaches to enhance function, including manual therapy (mobilisation, stretching, massage and manipulation for ligaments and joints), exercise therapy and programming, equipment prescription, lifestyle advice and patient education. Osteopaths determine the mix and frequency of treatment and management approaches using skilled clinical evaluation and diagnostic approaches. 
In Australia, osteopaths are government registered practitioners who complete minimum accredited university training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general healthcare diagnosis and osteopathic techniques.
Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners and are trained to recognise conditions that require medical referral. They are also trained to perform standard examinations of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems.
Osteopathy is covered by most private health funds and by Medicare's Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plans. Osteopaths are registered providers for DVA patients, as well as by State workers’ compensation schemes and motor accident insurers.


All our Osteopaths at Inspire Health are trained to treat babies and children.

Birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives. The baby is subjected to enormous forces, as the uterus pushes to expel the baby against the natural resistance of the birth canal. They baby has to turn and twist as it squeezes through the bony pelvis, on it short but highly stimulating and potentially stressful journey.

The baby’s head has the remarkable ability to absorb these stresses in a normal delivery. In order to reduce the size of the head, the soft bones overlap, bend and warp as the baby descends. The baby’s chin is normally well tucked down towards its chest to reduce the presenting diameter of the head. Many babies are born with odd shaped heads as a result. In the first few days, the head can usually be seen to gradually lose the extreme moulded shape, as the baby suckles, cries and yawns. However, this unmoulding process is often incomplete, especially if the birth has been difficult. As a result, the baby may have to live with some very uncomfortable stresses within its head and body.

Babies born by cesarean may also encounter problems from their development in utero. This is especially seen in breach babies who develop in unusual positions in relation to the mother’s ribs and pelvis.


Osteopath in the Cranial Field
Osteopath for Babies & Children

Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) ; Masters of Osteopathy 
Grad Cert Manual Therapy for Neonatal and Infant Paediatrics 
Registered Australian Osteopath 
Member of Australian Osteopathic Association 
Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation 
Barral Visceral Institute 
International College of Biomechanics (Prescription Orthotics)
​200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Thanuja graduated from Bachelor and research Masters Degrees in Sydney and has undertaken postgraduate studies in Osteopathy in the cranial field.  She has completed a graduate certificate in manual therapy for neonatal and infant paediatrics at Victorian University.  Thanuja worked in Sydney for 10 years and received referrals from general and allied health practitioners, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants and obstetricians throughout Sydney.  
Thanuja has combined her comprehensive post-graduate study of cranial osteopathy, pediatrics and obstetrics with substantial hands on clinical experience in the treatment of biomechanics alignment, pediatrics, pregnancy, and women’s conditions.  

It has always been Thanuja’s dream to give back to her home land.  Therefore she has the long term ambition of setting up a clinic in Sri Lanka to allow children to enjoy the benefits of osteopathic treatment for free.

Outside of the practice, Thanuja enjoys teaching Yoga, meditation and mindfulness while also enjoying cooking and socialising with friends. Get to know more about Thanuja when you book your next visit with us.

“My passion is treating babies; it is an amazing feeling to make a difference not only to the baby but to the whole family”  Dr. Thanuja Vanderhoek


Osteopath in the Cranial Field
Osteopath for Babies & Children

Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)
Registered Australian Osteopath 
Member of Australian Osteopathic Association 
​​Annabel graduated from Victoria University with a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy), she has additional qualifications in Dry Needling and is a qualified pilates instructor. During her studies she performed research into workplace injury prevention for diesel mechanics.

Annabel has an interest in sports injuries and is a soccer player herself. She has previously worked with A-League and Premier league soccer teams in Melbourne and with Iron Man Australia.

Annabel has a caring approach, her treatments are respectful to each individual and techniques are tailored to suit the needs of the patient.

When not on the soccer pitch or practising yoga, you can find Annabel enjoying motorsport events as she is an avid motorsport enthusiast!

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