Am I at risk of a fall?

Written by Osteopath, Aleasha Ball.

Am I at risk of a fall?

People can fall for many reasons; in some cases, a number of factors can combine and lead to a fall. The reason or causes of falls are known as risk factors. The more risk factors you have, the more likely you are to fall. Falls can be a sign of poor balance, weak muscles, poor vision, chronic disease, and many other things.

Falls can also be a sign of a new medical problem and should be discussed with your doctor. You can test your risk level by clicking on this quiz:

What is my risk of falling?

Even if you haven’t had a fall, reducing your risk of falling in the future is really important. You can talk to a team of healthcare professionals, if you have any concerns regarding your fall risk.

  • A GP can provide a medication review to ensure your medications are not a risk factor.

  • A GP can also assist in monitoring your bone mineral density levels. If this is low it can increase the chances of you fracturing a hip if you do have a fall.

  • A Podiatrist can manage foot pain and other feet conditions.

  • A Dietitian can help you with a healthy balanced diet.

  • An Osteopath for safe strengthening and balance exercise programs.

  • An Optometrist can check your eyes and correct visual problems e.g. Cataract surgery, consider single lens glasses for outdoor mobility.

  • Occupational Therapist to meet safety requirements. Such as installation of handrails around the home.

You can also do a home safety check yourself by clicking on the link: