The Inspire Health Journey for Osteo, Shelby Perram

Written by Osteopath, Dr. Shelby Perram

I had my first experience with Inspire Health Albury over 5 years ago at the end of year 12 when trying to decide on my future career path. I did a day's observation at the clinic sitting in with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Myotherapists and was intrigued and amazed by the impact we can have through manual therapy. I decided to study osteopathy in Melbourne and began a 5 year journey towards completing my studies. I was lucky enough to complete my 5th year placement at Inspire Health and then subsequently began working in February this year.

The team has been very welcoming and accommodating allowing me to transition smoothly from university to full time work. The social aspect and work culture has also been great, the team has a real sense of community which was nice when I moved to a town where I didn’t have many social connections. From birthday celebrations to home cooked treats shared and my personal favourite homemade pizza nights hosted at Thanuja and Ben’s have been some of the highlights of the working year.

In the transition to full time work I found the team has been very supportive and have found great benefit working in a multidisciplinary clinic. I have had the opportunity to draw information and techniques from fellow Osteopaths, Myotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists through team meetings, observation of consultations and discussions. This has allowed me to take on board a more holistic and diverse approach when considering patient complaints and has equipped me to use a greater range of treatment techniques. There is also the option to refer patients to combine treatment with other practitioners to achieve greater treatment outcomes.

I have grown both personally and professionally since starting at Inspire Health Albury through continuing mentorship by the principal osteopath Thanuja. Mentorship has included refreshing clinical and technique skills and delving into complex client presentations. This has enabled me to grow my confidence through guidance and support when required. Additionally I have had the opportunity to do co-treatments with patients, to apply what is taught in the mentoring.

Overall the knowledge and ability to share with other professionals has made the world of difference in feeling more comfortable at work in this transitional period. I’m very happy that I've been welcomed into a supportive environment where everyone is working towards the same goal.