Weekend Warrior or a Keen Athlete? Osteo is here to help!

Written by Osteopath, Shelby Perram

Who's recently heard our star Osteo, Shelby on the radio?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a keen athlete, Osteopathy can help!

With the return of the major sporting season many sporting enthusiasts report niggles or injuries early on that can hinder their training and games throughout the season. It’s important to get on top of these niggles or injuries early on to ensure more time on the field and prevent further complications in the season.

You can see an Osteopath to address any sporting injuries or biomechanical issues in any given sport. We will take a thorough case history to determine the tissues affected and create a treatment and management plan that is individualised to you and your specific sporting demands. A mixture of manual therapy and exercise prescription is utilised to allow you to keep playing or to help the body to self heal and make a speedy recovery.

Our Osteopath Shelby is currently playing women's AFL for Thurgoona and is aware of the importance of looking after your body as you give your all during the game.

Ensuring you are completing an efficient warm up, cool down and stretching are key to reducing risk of injury and allowing the body to recover.

Additionally the in house magnesium float tank is perfect for post game recovery as it contains 500kg of magnesium that is delivered straight to your muscles to ease aches and pains.

Sports massages are also available at Inspire Health for pre or post game to help improve flexibility, muscle recovery and prevent injury.